Qualified Teacher's Degree for Secondary Education - Section 2 in Computer Science
  Academic Initial Teacher Training

The academic initial teacher training links up with the 2nd cycle of university training and is ratified with one of the academic degrees of "teacher qualified for group 2 of secondary education". It gives official authority for the last four forms of secondary education. The attainment levels and contents of the training are tuned for this level of education, but at the same time they are written in such a way that this training provides a basis for a broader educational training aimed at teaching in higher education, educational functions within companies or other training situations.

The academic initial teacher training comprises a study programme of 34 credits and is acknowledged as a one-year training. In order to be admitted to the academic initial teacher training, one needs a diploma of the first cycle of an academic training. Starting from 2006-2007, students in their third bachelor's year can enroll as well. There are two different ways of attending the academic initial teacher training:

1. simultaneously with the second cycle of education, spread over one or more years

2. after achieving the second cycle diploma

Also in this situation the student can choose to finish the academic initial teacher training in one or more years. Students obtain their qualified teacher's degree after having obtained their diploma of the second cycle first.

In order to promote the combination of professional and teacher training, all students are allowed to integrate at least 270 hours of educational and other study-related activities of the academic initial teacher training into their professional training (at least 9 ects-credits).

The academic initial teacher training comprises a general and a specific teaching methodological part. The general part, to be attended by students of all academic disciplines, outlines a general frame of reference regarding the pedagogic and didactic actions of the teacher. The specific teaching methodological part of the academic initial teacher training deals with the specific accents of the didactic actions typical for the discipline in which the academic initial teacher training is organized. In the general part of the training, a number of subjects are provided that aim at linking the general subjects to those of the teaching methodological part, as well as linking the academic initial teacher training to the professional training. This last relationship is dealt with in the discipline "Social and science of philosophy-based analysis of the study fields". For this discipline distinctions are drawn between groups of studyfields. For the sake of the rapport between the different disciplines of training, a number of subjects has a sequence imposed upon them. "General Didactics" should be attended before or simultaneously with "Teaching Methodology: practical training". For the sake of organizing the practical seminars, the classes of the teacher training start early in the academic year. It is, therefore, important to start the training in time.

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