Master of Health Care Management and Policy

The basic tenet of the Master of Health Care Management and Policy study programme is the fact that health care has a very specific finality with regard to health care management and policy. Which is why the management of health care institutions requires people who have been given specific training and who both have a solid understanding of the social, ethical and legal context in which said institutions operate as well as being duly capable of successfully managing such health care institutions or to help lend shape to (government) policy for the health care industry. The proper management of health care institutions implies a due focus of attention to staff and patients alike, whilst simultaneously considering the financial viability of the institution. Social accountability and economic insight are basic requirements for sound management. A major objective of the Master’s programme is to teach students to assume a critical-scientific attitude vis-à-vis the management and policy of health care institutions. The training of students possessing specific know-how on health care management and policy stands as an absolute necessity as we are witnessing the growing professionalisation of management as a professional occupation and careers in policy planning and policy development in the health care sector. Which is why our objective is to provide nursing staff / midwives and other Masters (such as economics) the necessary baggage to enable them to operate at middle management and senior management level in health care institutions or to enable them to help shape and plan government policy vis-à-vis such institutions.

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