Reference ABKUNS03000010
Taught in Third Year Bachelor of Art Science
Theory (A) 0.0
Exercises (B) 0.0
Training and projects (C) 4.0
Studytime (D) 420.0
Studypoints (E) 14
Credit contract? Access is determined after successful competences assessment
Examination contract? This course can not be taken through this kind of contract
Credit contract mandatory if Exam contract? Separate credit contract mandatory
Retake possible in case of permanent evaluation? Yes
Teaching Language Dutch
Lecturer Christel Stalpaert
Department LW17
Key Words


Position of the Course

The apprenticeship challenges the students to put their theoretical knowledge, critical reflection and scientific methodology into practice.


Even though there isn’t a well-defined description of an apprenticeship we can define two different apprenticeships. On the one hand we have apprenticeships that focus on production work in which students support in practical organization (production, publicity, communication, press, public relations etc.). On the other hand there are apprenticeships in which a student is involved in artistic creation of a performance (by assisting a director or assisting on a dramaturgical level). Apprenticeship can also contain a combination of both practical and artistic support.

Starting Competences

-Ability to scientific and independent inquiry.
-Critical focus.

Final Competences

-Practice and implementation of practical knowledge and skills.

Teaching and Learning Material


Course Content-Related Study Coaching

-The apprentice is guided by a mentor at the place of practice. In case of problems the mentor or apprentice can contact the coordinator at the university.

Teaching Methods


Evaluation Methods


Examination Methods

-The assessment of the apprenticeship is performed by the university coordinator, based on the written evaluation of the apprentice and the conversation between the mentor and university coordinator (by e-mail or by telephone at the end of the academic year).

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