Aesthetics II
Reference AHKUNS00000001
Taught in Preparatory Course Master of Art Science
General Course List Third Year Bachelor of Art Science
Theory (A) 30.0
Exercises (B) 0.0
Training and projects (C) 0.0
Studytime (D) 90.0
Studypoints (E) 3
Credit contract? Access is determined after successful competences assessment
Examination contract? Access is determined after successful competences assessment
Credit contract mandatory if Exam contract? Course included in exam contract
Retake possible in case of permanent evaluation? Yes
Teaching Language Dutch
Lecturer Hans Maes
Department LW17
Key Words

Aesthetics, art philosophy

Position of the Course

This advanced course wants to broaden the insight into the most important problems of philosophic aesthetics and wants to teach students how to apply theoretical insights to the current problems in art and aesthetics.


The specific theme of this course is changed regularly. The overall theme 'Art(s) as life practice(s)' comprises several specific themes from Aesthetics I, which are elaborated by means of in-depth reading of important texts from the history of aesthetics and art philosophy (eg Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Schiller, Dewey, Lyotard ...).

Starting Competences

To have successfully completed the course Aesthetics I or to have acquired the necessary skills by other means.

Final Competences

  • To be able to interpret important texts on art philosophy.
  • To be able to connect the most important problems from the history of philosophical aesthetics to the current discussions on the aesthetic and the artistic.
  • To be able to apply theoretical insights to (current) problems in art and aesthetic.

Teaching and Learning Material

Cost: 10.0 EUR
Syllabus with texts, audiovisual material


Course Content-Related Study Coaching

Specific questions can be asked during the lecturer's office hours.

Teaching Methods

  • Lecture
  • Independent work: text study

Evaluation Methods

Periodical (100%)

Examination Methods

Written exam: 3 questions

  1. a question based on a blind textfragment from the syllabus
  2. an open essay question on insight
  3. a question on terminology (from texts and lectures): explain

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