Industrial Electrical Measurements
Reference EMWRKA01000004
Taught in Main Subject Course List for Master of Electromechanical EngineeringMain Subject Course List for Master of Electromechanical EngineeringMain Subject Course List for Master of Electromechanical Engineering
Theory (A) 15.0
Exercises (B) 15.0
Training and projects (C) 0.0
Studytime (D) 90.0
Studypoints (E) 3
Credit contract? Access is determined after successful competences assessment
Examination contract? This course can not be taken through this kind of contract
Credit contract mandatory if Exam contract? Separate credit contract mandatory
Retake possible in case of permanent evaluation? Yes
Teaching Language Dutch
Lecturer André Van Calster
Department TW06
Key Words

Sensors, measurements, data-acquisition, microcontrollers

Position of the Course

This course covers the electronic measurement of several physical quantities, using sensors, data-acquisition en signalprocessing. This course is divided into two parts. Part 1 describes the general characteristics of a measurement system: principles of signalconditioning (sensor principles, data-transmission, data-acquisition and signal processing) and characterization (static and dynamical). Part 2 describes expamples for measuring strain, pressure, gasses, temperature, humidity, displacement, power consumption, acceleration,... Attention is paid to sensors made by MEM technology.


  • Part 1: Signalconditioning, Characterisation
  • Part 2: analogue sensors, digital sensors, practicum
  • Appendix: application notes

Starting Competences

Electronic systems and instrumentation

Final Competences

  • design, fabrication and testing of wireless sensorsystems
  • programming of microcontrollers for sensor applications
  • processing sensordata with LabView, MatLab software

Teaching and Learning Material

Syllabus on website


  • E.U. Doebelin "Measurement Systems", Mc Graw-Hill, 4th. Ed., New York (1990)

Course Content-Related Study Coaching

4 researchers

Teaching Methods

Classroom lectures; Lab sessions

Evaluation Moments

Evaluation during examination period

Evaluation Methods

During examination period: oral closed-book exam; graded lab sessions

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